Privacy Statement - LGPD

Following the global trend and compliance, Brazil has perfected its rules on the protection of personal data and, to meet this national and international movement, the OmniBuy Group has reinforced its controls and efforts to comply with this trend and thus provide quality services society (customers, partners, service providers, former employees, etc.).

If you are a former employee, customer, service provider or supplier, rest assured that any personal data of yours that is in our possession is being processed, stored and/or handled in compliance with the relevant legal regulations.

By the way, if you want to know how your personal data is handled in our operation, especially in view of the provisions of the General Data Protection Law - Law 13.709/18, please send an email with your request to sac@omnibuy and we will be pleased to provide you with the necessary clarifications as quickly as possible.

Here we are committed to respecting your privacy and providing you with a clear understanding of how we use and process your personal data and information.

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